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Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review

Natnael Tewolde, 12th Grade

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Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Rating: PG

Score: ★★★★☆

After six years, the people at Walt Disney finally decided to make a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, a critical successful movie. The premise might be different but it is still the same old movie. In the first movie, Ralph was hopping through different video games. Thus, Ralph creates a monster through his exploration of those video games. According to Google, this sequel is aimed at Ralph searching for a spare part to fix a video game.

The premise seems very similar but you should expect many references from famous internet pop culture. The movie might even feature some video games references as well because the premise consists of them. Since it is referencing the internet, let’s hope it does not reference the dark side of the internet because it is meant to be a kid-friendly movie.

The original movie grossed $471.2 million in the box office. One should expect the sequel to gross in more money due to the hype surrounding it. The sequel’s trailer has grossed over 15 million views on YouTube compared to the original’s trailer which grossed over 9 million views on YouTube.

I would only recommend this movie if the person has already seen the first movie. It might a joyous, fun thrilled movie but if you have not seen the first you might not find as entertaining. By the way, this movie was released on November 21, 2018.

Wreck-It Ralph 2 is out now! Find it at a theater near you! By: Nehki Ferguson, 12th Grade

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Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Review