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Girls Soccer Team?

Carlos, Zamora

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Every year, there has always been a girls soccer team here at DCS, but for the first time ever, it seems like there won’t be a team this year. Tryouts usually start  in the beginning of November but the school hasn’t made any announcements about it. The girls at DCS who have a passion for this sport aren’t sure if they will play this year which truly upsets them. Former high school members, Clarissa Pigoet and Sachy Sotelo are the most worried because they have contributed to this team since middle school.

When asked why the team got disbanded, it seems like both players had different reasons. But the fact was there was still no team.

“I think it’s because they fired KT, so now we have people that have never been athletic directors and they don’t meet that standard,” said Clarissa.

“I think the girl’s team got disbanded because there was no coach to guide us. Also, I think that no one cared enough about it because no one made an effort to help save the team,” said Sachy.

Sadly, it seems that there will not be a girls soccer team this year, but hopefully it will come back next year so that students can help contribute to the DCS community.

Rosa Cisnero
The ball the team plays with.

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Girls Soccer Team?