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Zion Wingard, 10th Grade

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  1. What was going through your mind during the game?

Jason:” When the game was occuring, the only thing that was going through my mind was  winning.” Jason said with a “KT” expression on his face.


  1. How is the season going so far?

Jason: “Horrible , there were games we could have won, but we just let it go. No excuse to go 2-4 to start the season. Someone get me a gatorade. “ Jason said commanding the managers.


  1. Do you think the team is better from last year?

Jason: “I think the team this year   has more confidence and there is a high level of team chemistry so I think this year’s team is definitely above last year’s .” Jason said while sipping the water the managers gave him accidentally.


  1. Who’s the game changer on the team, like someone who makes their teammates better?

Jason: “I do not want to sound cocky, but personally I think it is me cause being the point guard, the ball is in my hands most of the time. I control everything when it is in my hands, when I hit my teammates in the right spot, and when I score many baskets. This allows my teammates to gain momentum and energy off that.”  He said with a confident tone in his voice while looking off into the sky mesmerized by his own talent.

    Zion will also take photos of the everyday life and routines of the basketball team : I’ll have the images on Wednesday.

This photo shows the daily routine of the basketball teams game day. They have a tradition of wearing business attire because they believe each game is a business problem that needs to be dealt with.

Coach smith, Quincy, Mani, Jason, Chris, Amari, Claude, Micheal, Zion, Rick, Kervens, Oliver, Josh, Amir, and Mr.Morse

Oliver, Rick, Mr.Morse, Zion, Josh, Stephon, Amari, Jason, Amir, Kervens, Micheal, Quincy

The basketball team not only plays basketball games, but they also help out the community. They spend there extra time volunteering to give food to the misfortune.

The basketball team is on a path to greatness. They had a rough start in the beginning of the season, but are striving to finish the season strong.

Rick, Mani, Mcheal, Coach Smith, Oliver, Zion, Claude,

Amari, Stephon, Josh, Jason, Amir

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