Venom: Hero of your Dreams

Dadley Mercharles - 12th grade

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Rating: PG-13

Many of us know Venom as the villain, the bad guy. We know that he tried to kill our favorite hero, Spider-man. But did you also know that he saved the world? He saved everyone on the planet Earth from destruction and proved himself to be an inspiration for all.


With a breathtaking trailer, this movie has definitely lived up to its name. This is the type of movie that will have chills running down your spines, you clenching your fists, sweating in your palms, and itching in your armpits. With his official entry into the world, Venom made it clear to us that humans did not find his kind. With his evil raspy voice, he stated, “…you did not find us, we found you.”  Initially, after hearing this statement – along with his plan of destroying the Earth – I really thought to myself, “This could be it. He could be the one, along with his kind, to really destroy the Earth and everything in it. How will the main character, Eddie Brock, develop into himself and be molded into someone who will destroy symbiotes?” I was able to form complex thoughts and opinions, which is why this is such a great movie.


Throughout the beginning scenes of this movie, we believed that Venom would be an evil creature. As the story developed, we learned that Venom may have gruesome ways, but he is not a bad guy. In a way, we were tricked. After all, it is only great script writing. It led us to something we were not expecting. Venom is everything that Eddie Brock is not: he is an alter ego who forces Eddie to be confident. Eddie is the good guy who follows the rules and Venom is the bad boy who does whatever he wants. Venom said it himself, “…the way I see it, we can do whatever we want.” There is a new guy in town, and he is ready to eat the world (haha, literally).