The Most Prominent Rock Band of the 70’s and 80’s

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The 70’s and 80’s was a time where music was booming and rock ‘n roll was super popular. One of the most popular bands during these times was Queen. Queen is a British rock band formed by lead guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. Freddie Mercury (lead singer) joined in 1970 and John Deacon (bassist) in 1971. But what made this band so different from other bands?

First off, they each played an important role in the band. No member was bigger than the other. Also, Queen is very known for their unique style of music. Their most famous hit, Bohemian Rhapsody, has four different genres of music in one song. It has acapella, a ballad, opera, and hard rock. The crazy part of this song is that there is no chorus in the song, so nothing is repeated. But they have more songs like this “March of the Black Queen” and “Save me.” Songs like these had people following them because they were so different. It has been thirty years later and yet people are still listening to them.

Sadly, Freddie Mercury died of aids in 1991 after publicly declaring he had this illness two days before his death. John Deacon retired from Queen in 1997. Brian May and Roger Taylor, the only members left of Queen, are still performing till this day. They are on tour right now with Adam Lambert. Although Freddie Mercury can never be replaced, I am sure this is what he would’ve wanted for the band, to keep Queen alive.

Rosa Cisnero
This guitar is one of the many Brian May uses in his concerts.