Ariana Grande Making it Big in the Music Industry

Maryanne Peña

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The famous Ariana Grande is very well-known for her appearance in a Nickelodeon hit tv show, Victorious, but she’s far from being an actress. Miss Grande is one of the most famous female singers in today’s music industry and she is killing it.

Her music career first started when she came out with her first single,“Put Your Hearts Up” in 2011. Her first album, Yours Truly, was released in 2013 and it was influenced by 1990’s R&B and pop. People were fond of her music and loved it, which her album reach the US charts. In 2014, she came out with her second album, My Everything, that had a little touch to it, a style of EDM songs. Ariana Grande also started collaborating with well known artists, such as  Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, Big Sean, etc. which caught the public’s attention. Miss Grande’s third album, Dangerous Woman was released in 2016 and this was one of her best albums ever along with her recent album, Sweetener in which was released in 2018. These two albums are equally iconic because they brought a mixture of different music genres such as, pop, R&B and hip-hop/ rap. These albums reached top 10 in the Hot 100 chart.

The diva herself, has changed a lot and most people are loving this new Ariana Grande. The way she can switch up on the audience by trying new styles of music is amazing and she did that perfectly with her first ever number one single in the United States, “thank u, next,” which was released on November 3, 2018. Everyone was streaming this song until it cooled down. Of course, Ariana Grande is a queen and released another single named, “imagine.” This song was beautiful and angelic and the best part about it was her beautiful whistle notes towards the end. I don’t know what it was, but I believe Ariana didn’t have enough of blessing our ears with these new amazing songs so she then released, “7 rings,” on January 18. This gave everyone a different perspective of the well known pop artist. She gave us full on hip-hop/rap and the public was dying for it, having this single reach number 1 on the US charts once again. Ariana is just giving us sneak peeks of her new album to come on February 8, 2019 and people can’t wait to hear it.

Ariana Grande’s music isn’t just great or catchy, but it also has an inspirational message to the world. She speaks about feminism, mental disorders and love and everything it comes with it. She states that a woman doesn’t need a man and that we are much powerful than what society thinks,which empowers us females. This 25-year-old diva is popping off and it is only the beginning.


Daniela Florindez
This is the cover art for her hit single “7 Rings.”