Female Rappers Working With or Against Each Other?

Lisa Lombard

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Female Rappers Working Together Or Against Each Other? By: Lisa Lombard Grade: 9

 Upcoming female rapper, Cardi B, has only been rapping for three years, but she’s only caught the interest of many people now. Although many may take the side of Nicki Minaj, Cardi’s supposed rival, in the fight and claim that she does have better music. Personally, I cannot take sides because I enjoy both of the rappers music and when they clash to make a sing together it obviously becomes a hit.

    The feud started because Nicki supposedly said something to Cardi  about her newborn daughter at the time. Cardi didn’t appreciate that level of disrespect so when they saw each other they fought about the issue.

  Cardi B isn’t regretting this feud, but it has taken away attention from her work and Nicki’s work also. This drama has brought a heavy amount of trash talking from the fans. Cardi’s recent split with her husband has brought an uproar in fans celebrating this split.

  To avoid the conflict, let us just say that Cardi B hasn’t been in the game long and she’s killing it! As for Nicki, she has been in the rapping business for eleven years and she’s still doing great. They are both amazing, maybe not equally depending on others think.  Drawing by : Lisa Lombard