Blast to the Past With Bumblebee

Dadley Mercharles

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Dadley Mercharles, 12th grade



With 93% rotten tomatoes, Bumblebee is a science fiction and action filled movie which has lived up to its name.


I do not want to spoil this movie for those of you who have not watched it yet, so I will keep it short and sweet. No “Transformer” movie has ever failed me and Bumble-bee certainly did not. Though he faced many trials and tribulation upon arriving on earth with such a warm welcoming(literally, they tried to blow him up), he made it his business to save the human race.


Although this is the first “Transformer” movie not created by the founders, the producers of this movie did a great job executing this film properly. They definitely chose the right characters for this movie and it was straight to the point. I only wish that Optimus Prime intervened with the other autobots of the resistance to fight alongside Bumble-bee. It makes sense as to why that is not how it played out. Bumble-bee received his well deserved heroism shine. The movie ended just like every other “Transformer” movie, Bumble-bee ended with all the autobots assembled in a circle with Optimus Prime talking.