Comic-Book Thriller “Glass” Introduces Supernatural to the World

Kayla Jackson

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This movie is rated PG-13

“Glass” is a suspense-filled trilogy that constructs a new narrative of Superheroes and villains. It is an amazing action-based movie that will have you on your toes. “Glass” brings back superhero David Dunn and the intelligent villain, Elijah Price known as Mr. Glass, from the Unbreakable. These supernatural beings come together with Kevin Wendell Crumb – from 2016’s Split – to prove to the world that there are people that have supernatural abilities. Unlike DC or Marvel, this movie shows that there are limits to superheroes in the world, and these supernatural beings are MUCH more powerful. Director M. Night Shyamalan has done a great job with introducing a set of superheroes and villains whose powerful abilities are different from what we usually see.